You are an expression of nature

Radical Self-Acceptance for a Perfectionist

July 25, 2020

For those of you that struggle with brutal self criticism and perfectionist tendencies, this one is for you… 🤍💭

Perfectionism, #selfesteem, and critical self talk is something that has been coming up A LOT in my privates and commercial dances classes lately. It’s also something I’ve struggled with my entire adult life. It’s an ongoing #practice but something that has really helped me start exercising some radical self-acceptance is understanding that as humans, we’re simply high functioning animals, whom are ultimately just beautiful expressions of nature. Trees do not sit around criticizing themselves when they lose their leaves, and the oceans don’t beat themselves up as the tides change. Bears don’t condemn themselves for periods of hibernation and not being “as productive” as they usually are… So what if we decided to view ourselves through the lens that we ARE nature? What if we viewed our personal seasons with the same love, acceptance, and even indifference in some cases, that the rest of nature does? Just a thought, but I think we’d be a hell of a lot happier.

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